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Rent to Rent

No or little money down deals that ensure high returns in a short space of time. This can be done by converting a property into an HMO or making it a Serviced Accommodation. This maximises your profits from rent whilst ensuring the landlord has:-

  • Guaranteed rent regardless of voids
  • Stress free property managed by you or a power team

All this done legally at no risk to either yourself or the Landlord.


For House in Multiple Occupation, this is the criteria it needs to meet:-

Good condition:– we view the properties ourselves and we also outsource some viewings to viewber who are a professional property viewing company.

Minimum of 4 lettable rooms:- To achieve a rental income that meets an ROI of 20% or above, one of our criteria for HMO’s has to be 4 bedrooms of 70sqft or 6.5m2.

£30k per lettable room:- To help reach the target of a minimum of 20% ROI, our guideline for budget is £30k per room which means we aim to acquire 4 bed HMO’s for £120k – £130k as a guideline in any area in the UK.

HMO Manager in the area:- As part of the pack, we ensure there is a HMO manager in the area that you can use if you need one. We offer the deal together with a Power team that comprises of a Mortgage broker, Solicitor, Builder if needed.

Proximity:- To decrease the chances of voids in your HMO, we look for properties that are in or near the city centre. At least 15min travel by public transport. These types of areas are known to attract demand.

Serviced Accommodation

We also source properties that are either already being used for SA’s or have potential to be SA’s due to location and or seasons. We will also make recommendations of local cleaners and key management strategies if required.

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