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Meet Muzzie

Hi, I am Muzingaye Ndlovu Nduna, yes I know, that is why I call myself Muzzie.

Growing up in Zimbabwe and then moving to the UK when I was 17, I have always had a passion to Improve. Improve myself, Improve others, make changes for the better, seeing something or someone go through the journey of “before” & “after”, looking at the change and feeling a sense of pride knowing I played a part. Probably explains why I enjoy ironing so much.

I was then introduced to the world of “Lean” in my studies and training as a Manufacturing Engineer which is when I took my passion to improve and turned it into a profession. My experience as a Lean expert and passion to make improvements coupled with my love to help people is what drives me to want to work with others in business to turn their “before” into a better “after”.